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Upper West Side Brunch: Bluestone Lane Cafe

Updated: May 16, 2019

It was a beautiful autumn day in New York so we decided to head out to Manhattan. A nice Sunday brunch and some autumn foliage of Central Park sounded ideal. Little did we know, we decided to explore Central Park the same day as the New York City Marathon! How could we forget something like that?!

No worries! It was quite inspiring to see people walking around with their medals. Walking a few more blocks because of the blockades for the marathon was nothing compared to the run so many people participated in.

Bluestone Lane Cafe seemed like the perfect brunch spot because it was close to Central Park and the menu sounded delicious. We visited the Upper West side location on Amsterdam Ave. Bluestone Lane Coffee & Cafe have an extensive list of locations across the country.

Bluestone Lane Upper West Side NYC


Coffee Shops & Cafes located in:

NYC, San Francisco, CA Los Angeles, CA Washington D.C. Philadelphia, PA Santa Monica, CA (Coffee Only), Montauk, NY (Coffee Only),White Plains, NY (Coffee Only), Venice, CA (Cafe Only), Hoboken, NJ (Cafe Only)

Upper West Side Location: Amsterdam Ave.

This particular location was tiny inside with a nice outdoor patio space. The day was beautiful in the sun, but chilly in the shade so we decided to wait for seating inside. The wait was what you should expect on a Sunday at a brunch spot. We actually ended up missing the brunch menu! (The online menu for that location didn’t mention any times for brunch. So we assumed it was all day!) We were a little disappointed about it, but at least there’s coffee all day!

Our Food Experience

Both of us ordered cappuccinos (Sam had one with almond milk). The cappuccinos were delicious and we really needed the caffeine! We decided to order two lunch items and split it. We ordered the avocado smash, which consisted of cherry tomatoes, sprouts, feta cheese, and olive oil. The other dish we shared was the eggs benedict. The eggs benedict came on delicious bread with wild rockets, prosciutto, hollandaise sauce, and poached eggs. The eggs benedict was hands down the better dish! I ate that dish first and wished I would’ve saved it for last.

The Overall Day

After being extremely full from brunch, we wandered and walked down the street towards Central Park. As we walked, we found a festive staircase decorated for Fall. We couldn’t help to stop and take pictures on it. New York City always amazes, as you wander and run into beautiful unexpected things everywhere (this staircase being one of them). We spent a decent time in the park, walking around and taking pictures. Towards the end of our day we just rested on the big rocks and waited until it was time to catch our train home.

Have you ever visited one of the Bluestone Coffee & Cafe locations? Which location did you visit? What did you order and how was your experience ? Happy Brunching !!

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