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The Most Beautfiul Beaches You Must See in Milos

Updated: May 6, 2020

Milos has some of the most unique and magical beaches that we have ever seen in our lives. There are so many Greek Islands and they are all so breathtaking, but Milos has a special place in our heart. We met a couple as we sailed around the island of Milos who were locals from Greece enjoying their anniversary. They were telling us how they try to always visit Milos because there really is no island like it. The flow of lava from the volcanoes has created some spectacular, colorful, and interestingly shaped beaches and

swimming areas.

1) Paliorema

Paliorema is a beach near the abandoned old sulfur mines. The beach is beautiful, but difficult to get to. The easiest way to get to this beach is by boat. If you are looking for a quiet non-touristy beach, check this one out! It is a pretty private beach and if you want to check out the mines and experience some history of Milos it is now a museum. There are no tourist things nearby so it is just mines and beach! The beach is really special with all the colorful rocks due to the sulfur.

Paliorema Sulfur Mines

2) Kleftiko

Kleftiko is more of a swimming spot than a beach. There are beautiful white rock formations towering out of the crystal blue water (popular image used in a lot of tourism pictures). The only way to reach this spot is by boat. The rock formations are stunning and create some caves. When you swim under the water in the caves, the water glows a neon vibrant blue. It was one of the most magical experiences I have had in my life. I have never seen anything like it before! This is a highly recommended spot to visit. In my opinion, it is a must see! This swim spot is usually packed with sailboats, but do not worry there is still plenty of space!

3) Paleochori

Paleochori is a colorful beach filled with plenty of activities. All the volcanic activity has turned the rocks surrounding the beach to be full of many vibrant colors. This beach looks different than others because the clear water contrasts with the coarse sand and colored rocks. This beach is a good beach to visit if you are looking for sunbeds, delicious food, and some water sports.

4) Papafragas

Papafragas is a cool beach spot that you have to climb down to. The most popular and known spot is two huge rock formations that form a cove area. You climb down very steep steps to get down to a very small soft sandy beach. It is cool to swim over here because there are little caves that go into other areas. The other beach which I had no idea was there is to the right of the cove area. You climb down to a very rocky beach. The beach is made up of all round stones of many different sizes. This beach is longer and bigger than the cove beach. However, it is not too comfortable and really slippery. It is nice for pictures and dip in the ocean. The water reflecting off of all the rocks is really a magnificent view!

5) Sarakiniko

Sarakiniko is one of the most iconic beaches I have ever seen! Sarakiniko is very unique because it is made of a white moon rock. It is fun to climb up the rocks and enjoy the view of this beautiful beach. It is also fun to swim over here. This place is suitable for pretty much anyone. It is easy to access the beach and there are shallow and deep swimming areas. This spot can get crowded because it is a very popular spot. However, it is worth it! You most likely will not experience a beach like this anywhere else.

6) Sykia Cave

Sykia Cave is a beautiful swimming spot that is only accessible by boat. It is pretty deep and far to swim from the (boat) ocean through the cave to the beach. Smaller boats can fit through the cave so it is best to view it from a small boat if you are not the best swimmer. Sykia cave is sometimes known as the emerald cave. The roof of this cave fell through creating this cool spot where the sunlight beams into the cave. Highly suggest seeing this spot too! It will not disappoint.

7) Tsigrado

This beach is known for having to climb down a rope to get access to it. For those who like adventure, this is the beach for you. It is beautiful, but you gotta work to get to your destination. It is a small and secluded beach with insanely crystal blue water.

8) Firopotamis

Firopotamis is a common spot to visit because of its fishing village. There is a decent size beach surrounded by beautiful white washed fishing houses. I always love seeing fishing villages and they always are nice photos!  

These are only a handful of Milos’ beaches, but it has many more beaches to offer depending on your needs and desires. Milos has over 40 beaches and some people claim there is about 70 beaches. It is really up to you which beaches you want to explore and enjoy. I highly suggest Kleftiko, Papafragas, Sarakiniko, and Sykia Cave as must sees when visiting Milos. These spots are the most unique beaches you will see in your life and I think they are well worth it. These places are sights in my opinion, not just your everyday beach! So go on a boat tour and get exploring! Milos will have you mesmerized in its beauty!

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