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How to survive a Long Haul flight!

Long haul flights can be quite stressful. Questions like will it be delayed, will I catch my connection run through my mind. Although we can’t control the flight or the airline company, one thing we can semi control is our comfort level on the flight. Being stuck in a seat for hours may not seem fun, but with the right items you can make it more bearable.

I always have a carry on (either a small luggage or an extremely packed bookbag) and a small satchel that goes under my seat. In this Satchel I’ll have everything I could possibly need on my flight. My passport and my wallet are a must but here's a list of things you didn't know you needed.

1. Face mask - Especially with the Covid-19 Pandemic I think traveling with a face mask is not only safe but smart. Although travels at the moment are at a halt, when bans are lifted and it’s safer to travel, a mask is important as a precaution. 

2. Eye Mask -  This is a huge help when you need to sleep and people have their lights on, or when it's still bright out and you need your sleep.This one is molded and blocks out all light. 

3. Hand sanitizer - Bathrooms are not always the cleanest and properly stocked especially after 10 hours on the flight. Always carry hand sanitizer. It saves you. I prefer the ones that hook to my bag.

4. Dramamine, zzzquil or other medication to help you sleep- I personally have a very hard time sleeping on flights between my anxiety and the noise. Dramamine and zzzquil makes me drowsy and puts me right to sleep. 

5. Prescribed medication and Advil - If you are taking prescriptions definitely bring those as well as (always bring those on the flight god forbid your luggage gets lost) as Advil or tylenol in case of a headache. Being dehydrated on a flight with a headache is the worst.

6. Travel toothbrush - I like to have a travel size toothbrush for overnight flights or lay overs. There’s something about brushing your teeth after flying for hours that refreshes you.

7. Face wipes- I rarely wear makeup on flight unless it's a short one. For long flights I like to bring cleansing toilettes to give my face a nice refresh especially after I have slept. The ones linked are for sensitive skin and feel amazing.

8. Neck pillow - Unless you want a broken neck on a flight, always travel with a neck pillow. It keeps you from getting a neck cramp and allows you to stay asleep for longer. 

9. Reusable Water Bottle- I never travel without a water bottle. I have what I like to call water anxiety, as soon as I run out of water I’m instantly thirsty. I make sure to always fill up at airports once I'm near the gate. It’s easy to get dehydrated on a long fight, so drink your water! I prefer water bottles that are able to keep the water cold so I linked one like that. There’s also some cute designs because who doesn’t love style and quality!

10. Snacks- Flights more than a certain amount of hours offer meals. But you can’t guarantee that the food is gonna be the best. Snacks can be a lifesaver when you’re eating dry chicken or a ham and cheese sandwich that seems older than it should. 

11. Book - I bring a book on every rip we have, usually reading it before bed. Having one on the flight tends to pass the time and also makes me a little more tired. 

12. Headphones (bluetooth and wired)- I prefer my airpods to listen to my own phone, no tangling, no wires getting caught in the seat handles. If I wanna watch a movie on the flight I need wired headphones to plug in.

13. Portable charger - Can’t leave home without my portable. It goes everywhere with me. It’s great to have in case of emergencies. I like one that can charge my phone up to 4 times before needing to charge the portable. The one I linked also lets you know how charged it is, which is amazing! 

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