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Travel Guide to Hitchen Lavender Fields

We have always dreamed of visiting a Lavender Field. The smell, the color, and the beauty of the flowers are all amazing and a must see if you are visiting the UK. We were in London and decided the train ride to Hitchen fields was a must! This is a family run farm that's over a hundred years old. The Queen herself visited back in 2012.

Traveling from London 

Taking the trains in London can be a bit overwhelming especially during rush hour times. The good thing about the trains is that if you miss one, there will be another one not too far behind. 

You’re going to want to head toward St. Pancras station. From there you’ll take the Thameslink service toward Cambridge, about a 40 min ride to Hitchen station. Once you arrive you can take either an uber or taxi (10 minute ride). Since this is a smaller town ubers may be a little hard to come by. For us, the wait time for a ride from eadin to the farm was short but from the farm back to the station was about 15 minutes.

Hours and Pricing 

Adults (Peak): £10.00 ($12.26)

Adults (Off Peak): £7.00 ($8.56)

Under 14 (Peak): £5.00 ($6.13)

Under 14s (Off Peak) £3.00 ($3.68)

Under 5: Free 

Picking is included in all of these prices. You will receive a bag and a scissor upon arrival and there is no need to prebook. You can stay as long as you’d like. There are picnic tables if you’d like to bring food and a small playground.

Currently they are closed due to coronavirus but when we visited the hours were between 9:30 and 5:00. Hopefully It will be open just in time to bloom. Peak season usually begins mid-July as that is when their main field comes in. The lavender season ends around Mid to late August. 

There is also a cafe and a shop where you can purchase essential oils, shampoos, lotions and much more! It smells delicious there. 


Visiting was a dream! There were rows and rows of lavender and although we visited later in the season, there were still plenty of lavender flowers to pick. 

Here are some tips for visiting:

  1. Be mindful when you are walking around, there are plenty of bugs. 

  2. Try to stay in the rows, we witnessed people attempting to step over the lavender and ended up crushing them instead. 

  3. If you are visiting during peak season, the earlier you arrive the better to beat the crowd. 

  4. Fill your bag up! Keeping it in the suitcase made my clothes smell amazing!

  5. Bring a blanket and relax! There is a cafe on the grounds if you’d like to have a little picnic.

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