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Girlboss x Cadillac panel

Updated: May 16, 2019

When you’re watching a Girlboss Insta story and see an opportunity for a free panel discussion.. how can you not RSVP?! Girlboss was collaborating with Cadillac to hold a panel event at their downtown dealership. This event was a two day event in Manhattan held the week leading up to the Girlboss Rally. I decided to RSVP for the events and told Sam all about it! We ended up going to the first day of the event which was entitled Chasing an Impossible Dream. The second day of the event it was freezing outside and we were getting our first major snowfall of the winter in New York, which made traveling into the city difficult. 

girlboss event

Event Schedule:

Day 1: Chasing an Impossible Dream

Speakers: Michelle Lee: Editor in Chief, AllureTiffany Warren: SVP & Chief Diversity Officer, Omnicom group; President at ADCOLORJacob Tobia: Author, Actor, & Producer

Day 2: Stumble, Fall, Get Back Up

Speakers:Maria Molland Selby: CEO, THINX, Inc.Amy Dubois Barnett: Chief Content Officer, The Grio; EVP, Digital, ESGlobalMedia Cindy Eckert Whitehead: Founder & CEO, The Pink Ceiling

Day 1: Chasing an Impossible Dream

A big part of the conversation at this panel was what does no mean to you?

MS:I always take no very negatively and never really saw it in a different light. When I hear NO… I take it very personal and shut down. I just always thought no was a negative word and meant it was a bad idea.

SP: I’ve heard no too many times to count in my life, and for a long time I heard no and was immediately discouraged. But no to me now just makes me want something more and encourages me to find a way to make it a yes.

However, all three of these lovely speakers gave their insight on their positive perspective of no. It was inspiring to hear each of their versions of no. Now we will forever use their message whenever we hear no from here on out.

Tiffany Warren had one of my favorite answers, “NO is the inverse of on and to me it means, it’s ON”. Instead of seeing no as the end of the road, view it as a challenge that you can prove yourself and overcome. It will push you closer towards your goal and show that you really are in it to win. Jacob Tobia talked about how for him he just goes around collecting no’s hoping after getting all these no’s someone will finally say yes. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know or receive! You shouldn’t fear the no’s, but embrace it. Embracing the no can open you up to receiving a yes.

Michelle Lee discussed her side of having to tell people no. It is interesting to see the two different sides of no. Michelle thinks sometimes no is because there’s not enough information on the subject or she doesn’t see the vision. However, she loves when someone fights the no and truly shows her the vision they had. Usually, once someone fights the no and expresses their true vision, she is open to it. It makes complete sense!

Each of us have our own interests and visions. Sometimes it is hard for other people to see our vision in a glimpse. This panel really showed that when you have a dream, fight for it until it becomes real! As long as you believe in yourself, you can accomplish your dreams. And do not take no for an answer, when it comes to your life.

Left this event feeling alive like my soul was on fire and ready to work! What does no mean to you? Do you have a negative or positive connection with the word no? Did anyone go to Day 2?! Would love to hear all your thoughts!

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