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Travel guide to Chateau de Chambord

Have you ever wanted to live out your disney fairytale in real life?! Then Chateau de Chambord is the place to do it. Construction began in 1519 after King Francis I returned from a victorious battle. It showcases French Renaissance architecture, and although its architect was never recorded it is believed that Leondado de Vinci influenced its design. He had been invited to France to be the first painter, architect, and engineer of the king.

This chateau was also the castle that inspired Disney's Beauty and the Beast. You can understand why when you see the tall turrets (small towers) throughout. We truly felt like we were in a Disney movie as we explored the gardens and inside the chateau. 

Getting there from Paris 

We decided to take a day trip from Paris. From the Austerlitz station we took the train to Blois-Chambord which should take 1 hour and 20 mins. We then hopped on the shuttle bus which runs from April- November. There is more information here about shuttle schedules. 

Pricing & hours 

Peak season March 28th to October 25 

  • 9am – 6pm

Off season October 26th to March 27th

  • 9am – 5pm 

Last entry is a half hour before closing and the French formal gardens closes a half hour before closing. Accessing the park around the chateau is free. 

Access to the Chateau and the french gardens is € 14,50

Reduced rate (18-25 non-European Union resident on presentation of proof of age), unemployed person from France, associate, work councils, group of 20 people or more) is €12

We purchased tickets upon arrival near the stables. We also decided to do a carriage ride to really fulfill our princess dreams.  

Must sees 

The castle has a lot to offer so give yourself plenty of time and be prepared to walk.

Double Helix Staircase 

I wasn’t aware that this was here before visiting so I was tripped out as we walked up the staircase. They intertwine so people are walking up stairs right across from you. The staircases let you off at the same floors just facing different ways. 

Rooms on rooms on rooms 

There are 426 rooms, 83 staircases, 282 fireplaces in the chateau. Only 60 rooms are open and available to visit, showcasing around 4500 artifacts.

Look up

The ceilings and walls have the most amazing details, like salamanders. 

The Garden 

We love walking around beautiful gardens especially ones that are symmetrical and well designed. It’s not nearly as big as the gardens in Versaille but they're still gorgeous. We popped a squat at one point because it was so beautiful out and staring at the flowers and the castle were pure bliss. 

The Stables 

Who doesn’t love beautiful horses with braided hair? In the lawn near the entrance of the Chateau, you will see them being ridden by men and women in 16th century garb.

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