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13 Foods you'll be obsessed with in Greece!

We all have an internal foodie! I wanna try it all, especially when traveling. And Greek food did not disappoint! The feta, tzatziki, delicious bread, and traditional Gyros were some of the highlights. I say some because everything we tried defied all our expectations (which were already pretty high). Here are a list of 13 dishes you need to order in Greece!


If you go to Greece and don’t order a gyro, did you really go? This was a staple in our diet for 4 weeks. Almost every lunch consisted of a Gyro for 2 reasons. One, they were absolutely delicious, with flavorful meat, fresh tomatoes and onions, pitas and tzatziki. And two, they’re inexpensive usually around 2 to 3 euros it’s a great way to get in all the food groups in a short amount of time.

Fun fact- In Greece they always put french fries in them!

Greek Salad

I’m not gonna lie before I went to Greece I never really had a greek salad. I’m honestly glad I didn’t because in the states they put crumbled feta in the salad which is okay. But in Greece you’ll find a huge block placed on top of the salad. This was another staple because I became increasingly obsessed with feta as the trip went on! They also put fresh cucumbers thick sliced tomatoes. This is another great lunch dish to have because it is usually in expensive and it’s refreshing!


You have probably had stuffed peppers, but what about stuffed tomatoes? The tomato or pepper (or you could get both one of each) is stuffed with rice, herbs, and sometimes minced meat. This dish we got for dinner pretty often because it is delicious.


Mouse kaka? If you’ve ever seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding then you know this traditional greek dish. It consists of a layered minced beef which is then layered with sweet eggplants and creamy béchamel sauce.


Similar to Moussaka, this dish is layered with pasta, minced meat, creamy béchamel sauce, and then baked until crispy. It’s great at dinner with a greek salad on the side.


This is one of the most famous and commonly consumed desserts in Greece. It consists of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and topped with syrup or honey. If you’re a fan of very sweet desserts this is for you. I’m not a fan of honey (taste aversion from childhood medicine lol) but everyone I was with loved it!

Feta Me Meli

I know we talked about the feta in the greek salad but how about feta in filo pastry, baked and topped with honey!?! The saltiness from the feta and the sweetness of the honey makes the perfect flavor combination.


This is another very popular Greek desserts made with Kataifi which resembles shredded wheat when rolled. It has a nutty center and is rolled inside the Kataifi to then be baked and soaked in honey, or other sweet syrup. If you love honey you’ll love most of the Greek desserts!


Greece is a cheese lovers paradise. So for us it was amazing! Imagine cheese covered in flour and then fried. Sounds basic enough, right? Well the most basic of meals are sometimes the most delicious. This is a great appetizer to share at dinner.


If you’re looking for another great lunch option, order souvlaki! The dish made up of well seasoned meat (chicken, pork, or lamb) and then flavored and served with tzatziki sauce, french fries or a pita . In Greek, Souvlaki stands for ‘meat-on-a-skewer’. Make sure your specific when it comes to whether you want it wrapped in a pita or not. Some restaurants don’t specify whether or not they’ll be on a plate.


This is a greek spinach pie made with feta and spinach. It is such a delicious and quick meal. If you can ask for it heated up, do so! It is 10 times more delicious when it is heated up in my opinion.


Tzatziki is a classic appetizer made with yogurt, garlic, olive oil, as well as fresh dill, and sometimes cucumbers. You can eat it with bread, pita or vegetables and is a staple in Gyros. Definitely one of my favorite appetizers to order.


Frappe is an iced coffee drink that helps you survive the heat. Frappes are made with water and instant coffee granules. Once mixed it becomes addictive, delicious, and frothy. You can order it with milk (me gala) and with sugar (sketo: plain, metrio: lightly sugared, gliko: sweet).


Ouzo is the national drink of Greece! When you’re in Greece expect to get free alcoholic drinks with your meals. At one restaurant in Athens we were given 3 rounds of ouzo! If you’ve never had ouzo, I’ll just let you know it’s not easy going down. It’s also impolite to turn down a drink so we would take them, but not all of them were actually consumed!

These images do not belong to us but are great examples of what delicious foods you can find in Greece.

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